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At African Corporate Cleaning, we always put our clients first and we are very confident that we will deliver and maintain the highest levels of satisfaction. If somehow we disappoint you and we are not able to regain your trust, then we will remove ourselves from your facility to save you any further inconvenience.

Why clean your solar panels

Photovoltaic (PV) systems perform best with completely unobstructed access to the sun’s rays. As panels become covered with residue and the layer of dirt thickens, output performance declines and can reduce performance by as much as 20%.

Regular cleaning:
Optimises the performance of the solar panel system;
Contributes to the on-going maintenance of the panel system by ensuring that small cracks or issues with the racks are resolved timeously to prevent further damage and unnecessary expense.

The value of professional cleaning services

De-ionised water

Tap water and chemicals leave residue on solar panels that accumulate dirt. African Corporate Cleaning uses de-ionised water systems that ensure a residue- and spot-free finish that is more resistant to dirt, delivering a longer-lasting result.
System health and performance

Regular cleaning helps identify potential fire safety issues, cracks, hot spots and pests. African Corporate Cleaning, through the timeous detection of issues like crazing (webs of small cracks) and delamination (peeling off of laminate layer), will help extend the life of your solar system and ensure optimal output performance.

Working at heights involves risks, especially without the right gear, and can result in injury. African Corporate Cleaning is certified to work at heights and takes the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of the people and the facilities on site.


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