Automotive Cleaning

Our Performance Guarantee - Zero Contract

At African Corporate Cleaning, we always put our clients first and we are very confident that we will deliver and maintain the highest levels of satisfaction. If somehow we disappoint you and we are not able to regain your trust, then we will remove ourselves from your facility to save you any further inconvenience.

African Corporate Cleaning provides superior motor vehicle and wash bay cleaning services.

Carwash facilities
Commercial vehicles

Specialised cleaning products and processes

Our highly trained staff, specialised cleaning products and processes ensure reduced water consumption and high customer satisfaction.
High pressure cleaning
(hot and cold water)
Water recycling systems

Enjoy superior results with our water-saving car cleaning service.

Imported natural palm wax
Lifts and removes dirt with no scratching
No pollutants added to the water system
Buffed, high shine finish
Separate products for the body, tyres, windows and headlights
Saves 200 litres per wash

Water recycling systems for wash bays

Reduces water consumption by 80%
Natural biological process
100% chemical free process

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